dessert & wine sundays: red velvet cupcakes


On Sundays I gather around with some friends, watch some very good-bad reality tv (tough love anyone?) over dessert and wine.

This week as I hosted dessert & wine Sundays, and as I was itching to use my Halloween cupcake accessories I decided to attempt Red Velvet Cupcakes (mostly because I thought the colors complimented the wrappers well). I make a mean frosting but I’ve never made a Red Velvet before so I was a lil nervous.


Earlier that morning I had also made pumpkin cinnamon roll pancakes. I had all good intentions of blogging about the pancakes and then part way through my camera died :/ I forgot to charge it until I had already finished to cupcakes so the pics are just of the end product.

FYI– The boys (my roomies, I live w/4 boys) LOVED LOVED LOVED the pumpkin cinnamon roll pancakes! Which I will be making again and posting soon. I was afraid they might be too sweet but they were AHMAZING… I had four. Eeek. Good thing I went to yoga after.


For the Red Velvet Cupcakes I used a (more popular? and) less traditional recipe. One thought I had after making these was it seemed like the recipe called for too much unsweetened cocoa powder. After everything was mixed I HAD to taste the batter. Of course. This thought stuck with me and after looking on the web for other Red Velvet recipes I think next time I will try the more traditional recipes. Also, I cut the recipe in half and only baked a dozen cupcakes. The cupcakes were good, not as fluffy as I’d thought they’d be. They weren’t too sweet, which is nice since the frosting was sweet enough.


However, the frosting recipe (which is not the RV traditional) makes an amazing recipe and I definitely definitely recommend. So I will post the frosting recipe but not the actual Red Velvet recipe until I experiment a lil more for myself (if you want I can message it to you).

End product: They were definitely very tasty, and not too sweet.





  • 2 eight oz cream cheese (room temperature)
  • 1/2 C butter (room temperature)
  • 2 1/2 C powdered sugar (not packed)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Time: ~10 min


Serving: 24 cupcakes


Directions: If the butter and cheese are not at room temperature, cut the butter up and microwave on 20 second intervals until butter is soft in a medium-sized mixing & microwave safe mixing bowl. Add creme cheese. If creme cheese is not at room temperature do not use an electric mixer, it will be soo difficult and it will just get stuck up in the mixer. Use a fork instead. Gradually add the sugar. NOTE: when measuring, scoop the sugar into a measuring cup, don’t just dig the measuring cup into a bag of sugar. Add the vanilla. If you think the consistency of the frosting is too soft add a little more sugar. If it is too thick mix in a teaspoon of milk. Use or refrigerate immediately.